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                 Perfectly Balanced        

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SEMI-OPEN CELL STRUCTURE Specially formulated to maintain the perfect balance between air flow and recovery time,  semi-open cell memory foam uses fewer chemicals than traditional foam. Fully open cell foam can sink too quickly, while closed cell foam traps heat. PLANT BASED OILS An alternative to petroleum chemicalsa castor seed and plant oil blend replaces up to 20% of the fossil-fuel based oils in some of our polyurethane foams.  BAMBOO  CHARCOAL  Naturally organic, and not requiring the use of pesticides. By utilizing bamboo to create an active charcoal. This charcoal is anti-microbial, and odor absorbing. And with thousands of tiny micro-pores, bamboo infused memory foam is cooler and more breathable than traditional memory foam. BAMBOO FIBERS covers contain up to 40% blended bamboo fibers, which are naturally durable and porous. This provides increased moisture wicking and greater air flow, for a cooler night's sleepALOE VERA Gentle for even the most sensitive skin, aloe vera is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

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