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The feeling, mood or aura associated with a particular place.​

Prepare to be transported to the ultimate sleep destination. The Ambiance by MLily sets the mood with a combination of cool comfort and refined luxury. Gel Infused memory foam, called gelCore, is noticeably cooler while retaining the properties of traditional memory foam. Our Dream foam is breathable,flexible, and versatile. With the resilience of natural rubber, and supple softness of a cloud, Dream foam is actually latex free, temperature neutral, and ventilated for greater air flow. The Ambiance features a silk blended fabric, accented with suede. As beautiful as it is comfortable.

15 Year Mfg Warranty

$ 713 N/A $ 902 $1,063 $1,280 $1,329


Above pricing is mattress only.

Foundation & Bed Sold separate.

Kansas Residents, required State Sales Tax will be added to your order.

 Mattresses & Pillows are a Hygiene product that once sold cannot be returned. Warranty and Initial or future Defective Claims are made direct with MLily as described in MLily Warranty Section at the bottom of this page. 

There are no medical claims being made and no comfort guarantees expressed or implied of any kind being made. 

Wichita Kansas area customers are encouraged to visit our Warehouse showroom and pick out the right MLily mattress for you, as normally all 12 MLily Mattress & Pillows are on display for your comfort & and to lay on for initital physical comparison & suitability.

MLily USA foam products are compressed & vacuum sealed for shipping convenience. Please allow 24-48 hours for your mattress to decompress to normal size before using.

We recommend that you unpack your new mattress in a well ventilated area such as a garage or outside. Upon unpacking you may detect a slight foam odor, due to the foam cell compression. Allow your mattress to breathe minimum one hour before you move it into your living space. ($andman recommends 24 hours)

Your mattress must be supported by a firm flat foundation, including but not limited to a foundation, box spring, platform bed with adequate slats, or on the floor.

All MLily mattress are designed with a single sleeping surface, so they do not require flipping, and should be rotated 180 degress every 90 days to promote longevity and long wearing.

All MLily Anti-Microbial covers are removable and can be dry cleaned. MLily USA recommends the use of a High Quality Mattress pad to protect the foam from moisture. Care should be taken to avoid spills or moisture, which will be absorbed by the foams, which could lead to mold or mildew.


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