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Serta Worthmor Pillow Top Perfect Sleeper

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Worthmor Gel Pillowtop Mattress Set. Serta’s Perfect Sleeper has been the most popular and best selling mattress collection in the industry and Serta's flagship product line since 1937. Its features include, Advanced Comfort Quilt™, Advanced Foam Encased Continuous Free Flex™ Innerspring, Total Edge™, and a wood or a Semi-Flex Steel Foundation. The Worthmor Gel Pillowtop model is an Medium Pillowtop with a firm base support and features FireBlocker® Fiber, Pillo-Fil®, Pillowmedium™ Foam, 3" Comfort XD™ Foam, and Cool Twist™ Gel Memory Foam. All these extra features combine to make the most comfortable feeling mattress that that also gives you all the support you could ever want.


Mattress Warranty: 10 Non-Prorated year warranty, with full coverage the full 10 years. You can register your new Serta Mattress .

Queen 814 Free Flex™: Innerspring is one of the most advanced innerspring systems in the mattress industry. It is the same coil unit used in all Perfect Day® Mattresses, Serta’s top-of-the-line mattress collection. The Free Flex™coil unit has a 5-Zoned support system that is engineered with zones of single and double coil rows that copy the body’s shape. This exclusive technology combines their cornerstone continuous coil design with a greater number of coils and an "advanced open coil design" that allows for proper spinal alignment throughout the night. The durability of the Free Flex™ top of the line because no matter what, the springs bounce back into shape. The Free Flex™ coil design is tested beyond industry standards to meet the demands of over 99% of the adult population and uses Serta’s Total Edge® Foam Encasement. This Reinforced Edge® construction helps prevent roll-off or sag, regardless of body type, size or sleeping position.

Mattress Quilt: The Worthmor Gel Pillowtop mattress quilt has Serta's advanced Fireshield Insulator, an advanced fire retardant system made with a proprietary blend of natural and synthetic fibers designed to keep families safe. To prevent preventing the growth of bacteria and dust mites the 1" Gentle Support foam and fibers have beed treated to be anti-microbial. A Medium Comfort Layer provides superior comfort on the sleep surface, so you sleep more soundly in enhanced cushioning which gives you a better sleep on a very medium but supportive surface.

Inner Panel: Serta’s breathable Pillo-Fill® material is designed to enhance both airflow and moisture wicking at the sleep surface, helping to promote a balanced sleeping temperature. Mattresses with this design have been shown to have more evaporative cooling power than other mattress systems.

Cool Twist™ Gel Memory Foam: By introducing exclusive liquid gel-enhanced memory foam significantly increases airflow, which helps move heat away from your body providing a cooling comfortable sleeping surface throughout the night. Serta’s Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam Pressure Balancing Design conforms to the body to provide excellent pressure relief and proper back support to help reduce the pressure points that can cause tossing and turning. This mattress also features Serta’s MicroSupport Gel Center Support, which provides an additional layer of support in the center of the mattress to support your lower back. Also a layer of Serta’s KoolComfort™ Memory Foam provides an additional layer of plush, breathable comfort giving this bed its “luxury plush” feel.

SmartSurface™ with MicroSupport® Gel: This exclusive design combines three technologies to help provide pressure relieving comfort and proper back support while promoting a balanced sleeping temperature right at the sleep surface. Our Cool Balance® fabric technology helps regulate temperature swings while our anti-microbialBody Loft® fiber provides enhanced cushioning and wicks away moisture. Finally, MicroSupport® gel is infused into premium Serta® Latex Foam to provide an extra level of comfort and support.

Mattress Foundation: All Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress comes with a 9 inch thick Semi-Flex Steel Foundation that is one of the best foundation in the industry.


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